My Process

I love making lists and I think with every occasion you are bound to make some sort of list of to-do’s. So here is my process:

the first meeting

Coffee or tea is served. And then the brainstorming begins. We discuss the ideas you already have or I show you some design examples. We discuss do's and don’ts as well as your budget. If you cannot make this meeting (you are either from out of town or you just like planning in the digital world) then we can have a video conference, phone call or email thread. Whatever works for you.

the quotation

So we had our amazing meeting, we 'clicked' and we just loved each other’s ideas. I go and brainstorm some more and draw up a quotation for you. Once we agree on the quotation the fun begins of starting the first draft of your design. At this stage I will need ALL the information that needs to be included in the designs (daunting task I know, don’t worry I have some stress-free checklists for you to complete should you not know where to begin). I will also need all the format preferences, colour choices, favourite fonts, and graphics/patterns/photos at this stage. Provide as much information at this stage as possible, the more I have the better I can make your vision come to life.

the first draft

Based on your timeline the first draft of the design will be sent within a few weeks of acceptance of the quotation. This draft will hopefully capture your imagination and be as close to your vision as possible. Here can you can comment as much you like, we can even schedule another meeting if you would like a face to face. This is the time to say it all…do not hold back, we want this to be amazing right?

the second draft

After our consultation or discussion of the first draft I will make all the necessary changes as to all the specifications. If you still have some small changes you would like to make, I will be more than happy to do it at this stage, with bigger changes (that will take much longer) a per hour rate will be charged.

the physical

We all know that an onscreen design does not look the same as a printed design. At a small charge I can provide you with a full printed and completed design. This can either be couriered or you can come collect it.

the approval

On approval of the physical mock up (or after approval at second draft stage), the production process can commence!